Fellowships in Arts Management at AU


The Arts Management Program offers a number of competitive fellowships for qualified graduate applicants who meet certain requirements:

  1. Complete program application received by February 1
  2. Minimum average undergraduate grade point average, calculated on the last 60 credits, of 3.0
  3. Interest in fellowships is indicated in personal statement


Internal Fellowships are placed in competitive arts management positions in dance, theatre, music, recruiting, special events, social media management and others in the Katzen Arts Center, the American University Museum, the Greenberg Theatre, and others. 

In addition, the Arts Management program also offers highly competitive External Fellowships at leading institutions, including

For more information about these graduate fellowship positions, please contact the program director.

Further Work Opportunities

The Department of Performing Arts also offers several opportunities to work for additional financial support in hourly wages. Examples of some of these positions include:

  • AU Museum Assistantship
  • Box Office Manager, Greenberg Theatre
  • Recruitment Coordinators
  • Orchestra Manager and Chorus Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Recital/Concert Manager
  • Technical Theatre and Design Assistant, Greenberg Theatre
  • Arts Management Fellow
  • Grants/Development Assistant
  • Production Coordinator, Greenberg Theatre
  • Webmaster
  • Music Theory Assistant


Note: All applicants must be admitted to American University as full-time students in the MA in Arts Management and must be eligible for financial aid. All graduate fellowships are subject to final budgetary approval.

For more information about graduate students' work opportunities within the Department of Performing Arts, please contact the administrative coordinator.