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AU’s Health Promotion Management Program: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about one of AU’s most established programs, now offered virtually and in-person

1. Are you passionate about promoting health?

If so, Health Promotion Management might be right for you. Health Promotion is a core discipline of public health, designed to help people, organizations, and communities to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors, programs, and policies leading to improved health status. As organizations and policymakers gain awareness of the financial and social consequences of chronic conditions, the need for qualified experts is greater than ever.

2. Our program prepares you for leadership roles in the field.

Our innovative program combines the science of health with the management principles of organizations and people. With this dual focus, you'll graduate with a deep understanding of health promotion and disease prevention, as well as the practical know-how to lead communities and organizations towards better health and well-being. Graduates can immediately apply this knowledge to advance their careers or qualify for leadership positions in a variety of settings and careers.  

3. AU’s award-winning program was the very first of its kind.

National Wellness Institute

Established in 1980, AU's Health Promotion MS Program, recipient of the National Wellness Institute's Distinguished Academic Program Award, was the first in the United States to combine concepts of health and wellness with principles of business management. Our faculty are leaders in the field, conducting research, publishing, and bringing their expertise into the classroom. Our 600+ alumni are working across the globe in leadership and management positions to create environments that support health and well-being.

4. DC Location: A hub for learning, research, and service.

HERO forum

DC’s location gives our faculty and students unique opportunities to engage in implementing programs that exemplify the concepts being studied in class. This translates to assessing population needs, implementing programs, and evaluating and disseminating results. With our online classes, students are given course assignments that encourage them to become familiar with their own communities and to identify professional networks of individuals implementing health promotion programs.

Additional opportunities, such as attending the HERO Forum or assisting with faculty research are also available. 

5. The health field is a top-growth area in the job market.

person getting blood pressure check

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth of our field is 12 percent, much faster than other occupations. About 16,000 openings for health education specialists and community health workers are projected each year, on average, from 2021-2031.

6. Our graduates put their expertise to work promoting and improving health and wellness, at the local, national, and global level. 

Here are just a few organizations that employ our graduates:

  • American Heart Association

  • Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Mayo Clinic

  • National WIC Association

  • Pan American Health Organization

  • Partnership to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Living

  • US Department of Health and Human Services

7. You can apply a degree in Health Promotion Management to many careers.

Here are just a few job titles of our graduates:

  • Community Health Specialist

  • Health Promotion Specialist

  • Director of Employee Health

  • Behavior Change Specialist

  • Program Health Coach

  • Manager of Regional Wellness Programs

  • Enterprise Success Manager

  • Global Head, Employee Mental Well-Being & Workplace Effectiveness

  • Director of Screening Services

  • Consultant, Health and Benefits

  • Population Health and Wellness Manager

  • Senior Director, Health Coaching

  • Specialist, Health Partnerships and Policy

8. Our program offers full-time, virtual, and flexible options.

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AU now offers our award-winning program in person and also in a flexible online format that is designed to fit your schedule. Our 30 credit-hour degree program can be completed in one to two years. Many of our students work full-time and take just one course at a time; at that pace, our online students can complete the program in just 20 months.

9. The program admits students from a wide range of backgrounds, undergraduate degrees, occupations, and nationalities.

We believe that a strong commitment to health promotion, desire, and enthusiasm are the best predictors for success in the program and in future careers. All students must meet the American University admissions requirements, submit official transcripts and complete departmental admissions requirements, including two letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose.

10. We can help you with application and financing questions.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about the online MS in Health Promotion Management, call 855-725-7614 to speak with an admissions advisor or request more information.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about the in-person MS in Health Promotion Management, visit the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Enrollment website.

The Office of Financial Aid can provide more information.

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