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Theatre & Musical Theatre Degree Program Auditions

Theatre/Musical Theatre Auditions will be held both in person at AU and virtually on Zoom, allowing you to choose the option that works best for you.

Spring 2023 Auditions: February 11-12

Sign up on Slideroom.* If you are unable to sign up for a Zoom or an in-person audition, it is acceptable to submit a recorded video audition on Slideroom. Slideroom applications are due no later than a week prior to the intended audition date.


  • For intended theatre major, please prepare two contrasting monologues. The two together should total about three minutes. By contrasting, they may be comic and dramatic, or classical and contemporary, or a combination of each. Select something that has been well rehearsed and is within a comfortable age range.
  • For intended musical theatre major, please prepare one monologue, and two contrasting songs (e.g., one up-tempo and one ballad). For auditioning on Zoom, you either need an accompanist with you or to sing along to recorded accompaniment. The total audition time allotted will be 5 minutes.
  • If dance is your strong suit, you may upload a video onto Slideroom of a dance piece one minute or less in length.
  • Fall auditions are intended only for transfer, early-decision, and current AU students.  Current AU students should complete the "transfer" Slideroom form. Transfer students are welcome to audition on the February date depending on their intended entry into the program.
AU student in theatre performance.


  1. Please post a resume and a headshot or photo on Slideroom.
  2. If you are singing in-person, make sure you bring sheet music clearly marked and in the correct key -- an accompanist will be provided. If you are singing on Zoom, make sure that you have an accompaniment (either live or recorded). Make sure that your accompaniment can be heard, but that your voice is prominent in the audio balance.
  3. Always select age appropriate pieces, even if it takes a great deal of effort to find a piece that is close to you in age. It is not appropriate for an entering student who is a teen or in his/her early twenties, to present a middle-aged character. The demands of fine plays are significant enough that we would ask that you do not add the challenge of presenting a person whose life experiences far exceed your own (if not in emotional range, then simply in reasoning). Please take this advice to heart.
  4. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare your piece before you show it. Make sure it is well rehearsed.
  5. Be sure your pieces really do CONTRAST each other. You may select classical to contrast your contemporary piece or two contrasting contemporary pieces.
  6. Always wear clothes, and particularly shoes, that are flattering and support your work as an actor. Your clothes should look professional, yet allow you flexibility and assist the movement and physicality of your work.
  7. Introduce your pieces by providing your name, the name of the character, the playwright. You do not need to provide contextual information from the play to preface your work.
  8. Make sure that your visual focus is toward the camera – just above the camera lens often works best.
  9. As part of your audition, one of the auditors will coach you on an audition piece. This is an opportunity for you to get a chance to know us better and for us get to know you. Respond to the adjustments and direction in an honest and open manner. We want you to succeed.
  10. Remember your time limit. In order to be respectful and mindful of the other students auditioning, we will adhere to the audition time allotments. You are allowed three minutes for theatre. You are allowed five minutes for musical theatre.

Sign Up

To sign up for an audition slot, please fill out our online application at and select your preferred audition times within the application. Upon completion of your application, you will be contacted by the theatre department with an assigned time and other pertinent information. If you have any questions or difficulties, please email

Audition slots fill by late December. To avoid being put on the waiting list, please sign up early.