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Research Faculty

Frederick Bruhweiler Research Professor in Residence

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHFrederick C. Bruhweiler Physicist-in-Residence& Research Professor Dept. of PhysicsAmerican University (AU)E-mail: RECENT RESEARCH, ACADEMIC & ADMINISTRATIVE P

Vincent Kofman Research Asst Professor CAS - Physics

Vincent Kofman has a Master’s degree in organic geochemistry from the Utrecht University (the Netherlands). His thesis project involved studying the climatic evolution of the Baltic Sea using molecula

Manuela Lippi Adjunct Asst Professor CAS - Physics

Manuela Lippi is expert in cometary science, astrobiology and high-resolution spectroscopy in the infrared, and she is currently collaborating with Drs. G. L. Villanueva and M. J. Mumma, at NASA's God

Giuliano Liuzzi Research Asst Professor CAS - Physics

Giuliano Liuzzi received his Master Degree in Physics at Università del Salento in Lecce, Italy in July 2012. His first work was dedicated to the study of Martian atmosphere and surface composition. <

Adam McKay Adjunct Asst Professor CAS - Physics

Comets consist of primitive material that has experienced little processing since the formation of the Solar System. This makes comets important tools for understanding the composition and environment

Lucas Paganini Research Assoc Prof CAS - Physics

Dr. Paganini holds the position of Research Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at American University. He is currently on a detail to NASA Headquarters.

Research Scientists

Bruce McCollum Physicist in Residence

My career has been as a staff scientist on the operations staff of several space observatories (IUE, Spitzer, and WISE). My research has consisted of observational astronomy. I have been the principal

Anne Tolbert Research Scientist-in-Residen CAS - Physics

Kim Tolbert has been designing, implementing, maintaining, and documenting data analysis software for over 30 years. She made key contributions to the SMM/HXRBS, CGRO/BATSE, and RHESSI data analysis e

Research Staff