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Robby Jones

Robby Jones

Curriculum Vitae

My name is Robby Jones and I am a senior at American University in the College of Arts and Sciences intending to major in Neuroscience with a Minor in Data Science. I have been involved in research since my first semester at American University and I am currently entering my 3rd year as a member of Dr. Anthony Riley's pschopharmacology lab. My research intrests include animal models of drugs of abuse, concurrent and serial drug use, behavioral toxicology, structure-activity relationships, and neurodegenenerative disease. A topic non-related to my current research that interests me is the effect of the heterodimerization of the 5-HT2aR and CB1R receptors and the behahioral and cognitive effects of this dimerization.

I was introduced to the feild of neuroscience when I was a junior in high school when I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Anthony Riley and Dr. David Kearns. An early intoduction to research and taking the class Neuropsychopharamacology with Dr. Anthony Riley grew my intellectual curiosity and pushed me to continue to pursue research in my undergraduate career.I received the American University STEM Student Summer Award in 2022 for which I was jointly provided funding by the American Univeristity College of Arts and Sciences and the NASA District of Columbia Space Grant Consortium to complete idependent research over the summer of 2022. My current research pertains to initial charactrizations of the abuse potential of the novel sythetic cathinone eutylone.