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Zoe Smith

Zoe Smith

Curriculum Vitae

I am a junior studying psychology with a double minor in justice and law and sociology. My research interests lie in the adverse effects juvenile incarceration has on childhood developmental milestones. I am an intern for a non-profit, Juveniles-in-Justice, in Washington DC, which strives to address these questions and better understand and/or explain the needs, policies, strategies, and resources required to facilitate better outcomes for children in custody every day. Additionally, after taking the course titled, "Drugs and Behavior," my interests have expanded to drug functions and interactions in the body and specifically the adverse effects on the brain. I am beyond excited to gain more experience in this field of psychology working in this Psychopharmacology lab.

This is my third research assistant experience, as I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Mereish's "Lavendar Lab" which strives to produce and disseminate knowledge and publications to better understand and reduce sexual orientation, gender, and racial/ethnic disparities in health. Additionally, I worked in a Health Sciences Lab, "Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities" which focuses on proven strategies of facilitating changes, from the individual level to system-wide policies, to support healthy behaviors, increase access to healthy foods and physical activity, and reduce risk factors that contribute to chronic disease. 

After graduation, I hope to pursue a combined Masters and Ph.D in psychology.