Current Projects

Current projects of the Center on Health, Society, and Risk include:

Inequality, Social Justice and Health Lab PI: Kim M. Blankenship

This lab investigates structures and relations of inequality that impact health, and with the knowledge we gain, seeks to promote health equity through social justice. The lab consists of a multi-disciplinary research team bringing together theoretical, conceptual, and methodological expertise from the social sciences, humanities, and public health. Much of this work includes particular attention to mass incarceration as a fundamental structure that reflects and reproduces social inequities generally and inequities in health in particular. This lab considers how mass incarceration intersects with other critical aspects of life, such as housing, employment, family, and relationships, to impact health. Investigators ask both who is harmed by and who benefits from these intersecting impacts and in turn, how do these harms and benefits vary in relation to intersecting structures and relations of race, gender, and class inequality. They also demonstrate efforts to resist and challenge these structures and processes and the opportunities they contain for developing social justice-based interventions that promote health equity.