Studio Art BA

The Undergraduate Studio Art BA provides students with the tools to ambitiously engage historical and contemporary criteria for making art. Come work with our professional, dedicated, and innovative faculty in a city where you will have access to internationally renowned museums and galleries.

Katzen Arts Center with evening sky.AU Museum with the Katzen Rotunda in the background.

The Katzen Arts Center provides students with fully equipped, state-of-the-art facilities where students can thrive in a flexible program that offers sculpture, painting, video, digital photography, drawing, printmaking, expanded media and special topics courses.

The program includes historical, theoretical, and practical approaches to fine art. Students relate technical developments in various disciplines to aesthetic and conceptual developments, citing movements and trends that also coincided with broader art history. Through a capstone project and exhibition, students delve into a relevant topic and artistic process of their choice and analyze it through a specific socio-cultural lens.

Students in the screenprinting studio.Students in the screenprinting studio.

Very Sad Lab: The Incubator at Transformer DC

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Community as a Work of Art

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Andy Holtin and student working in the lab

Art and the Machine

New AU Core Class Blends Art and Technology

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  1. Analysis: Students will be able to develop and present foundational analyses of works of art from formal, historical, and cultural perspectives.
  2. Visual Communication: Students will be able to define and employ vocabulary specific to the field of contemporary art. Foundational vocabulary will be learned during a student’s course of study in a broad selection of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional disciplines (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital photography and digital video). Vocabulary will directly relate to knowledge and skills gained through practice with materials, traditional and technology-based tools, techniques, and creative thought processes.
  3. Oral and Written Communication: Students will demonstrate an ability to verbally articulate artistic positions and intents, and support these statements with reference to their work and processes.
  4. Technical Competency in Artistic Media: Students’ works will exhibit sophisticated technical capacity and skilled use of media as appropriate to the student’s artistic intentions.
  5. Creative Inquiry: Students will demonstrate an ability to define and self-direct areas of artistic exploration, both through preparatory research, selection of media/processes appropriate to their interests and intentions, and the development of self-directed creative works.
  6. Interdisciplinary Relevance: Students will be able to relate foundational arts knowledge and skills within and across the visual arts disciplines, and to make connections with other disciplines.
  7. Knowledge of Contemporary and Historical Art: Students will demonstrate a foundational knowledge of the history of art, as well as an awareness of contemporary precedent within their area of focus. At the advanced level, students should be able to place their work in context of current ideas and practitioners.

Studio Art Undergraduate Show

Work by Hannah Woulfe

See the artwork that was displayed in the Katzen Arts Center Rotunda in April 2022.

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