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Detail from Chelsea A Anderson, 3D & Transparent 3

MFA Studio Art at a Glance

  • Students choose 2- or 3-year tracks for 36-credit curriculum.
  • Students can take graduate courses throughout AU and use photography, engineering, and other facilities to support their practice.
  • Students have 24/7 access to their own studio space in the Katzen Arts Center and exhibit thesis works in the AU Museum.
  • All accepted students are considered for financial awards.

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Spring Events: Visiting Artists & Scholars Series

Sam Vernon artwork.Feb. 2: Sam Vernon
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Student Work

2022 MFA Exhibition, featuring works by Katie Hartley (left) and Hyunsuk Erickson(right).
Installation view of in*position (spring 2022 thesis exhibition) featuring works by Katie Hartley (left) and Hyunsuk Erickson (right). Photo by Greg Staley.

Our MFA program is deliberately non-compartmentalized: students have the option of working in whatever media suits the nature of their art as it evolves from their previous experience to that of an active professional. Students create in private studios in the Katzen Arts Center surrounded by peers and a multivalent arts community, where they often join local shows or performances, and present their completed thesis projects in annual group exhibitions at the AU Museum:

Justin Randolph Thompson, from Meet Me at the Bottoms.

Our Community

The Studio Art MFA program is home to a robust community of practicing artists. Meet the faculty, our alumni, and your peers:

Anthony Frank watering plants for a new work in his studio.

Mission & Values

In the MFA Studio Art program, we are dedicated to advancing the creative scholarship and research of artists studying in a liberal arts environment. We prepare artists-scholars to participate in the arts ecosystem, not only as practicing artists, but as educators, collaborators, and thought-leaders.
Mission & Values


Katzen Arts Center at nighttime

Facilities & Resources

Each artist in the Program is provided with 24-hour access to a private studio in the Katzen Arts Center. Printing, sculpture, and new media workshops, along with facilities for photography and 3-D printing, are available in the Katzen Center or on campus.
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Studio class on the Katzen Plaza.


Our flexible cohort-based program can be completed in two years or three based on your personal preference and goals. In addition to a core curriculum of thesis, research practicum, and theory, candidates select graduate-level courses within the Studio Art program and university to support their practice.
Studio Art Courses

Student with camera and record-player in studio.

Funding & Admissions

All accepted students are considered for scholarships available within the Studio Art program and the university at large.