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Grants & Contracts Accounting

Overseeing the management of post-award administration sponsored project funds activity for the university

Grants and Contracts Accounting

The Controller's Office - Grants & Contracts Accounting (GCA) oversees the management of post-award administration-sponsored project funds activity for the university. Our commitment and support is to provide sound financial reporting to our research community as well as to our funding agencies (federal and non-federal).

Some (but not all) of GCA's major functions include:

  • Establishment of policies and procedures for best practice and ensuring compliance with federal regulations as well as signed contractual agreements and non-federal contracts.
  • Preparation and dissemination of all sponsor research activities internal and/or external financial reports, invoicing and the collections effort on behalf of the university, letter of credit drawdowns to federal and non-federal funding agencies, etc.
  • Management of the initial sponsored project account setup, budget setup and/or modification and final project account close-out (with coordination of OSP [Pre-Award]).
  • Coordination of the Annual OMB Circular A-133 audit as well as the A-133 certification to sub recipients.
  • Negotiation of the university's facilities and administrative and fringe benefit rates with our Federal Cognizant Agency (DHHS).
  • Coordination of the Time & Effort reporting.

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