Kaiser Signature HMO

Kaiser Permanente provides comprehensive prepaid health care services through a system of health care network facilities. All health care is arranged or provided by a primary care physician (PCP) of the Kaiser Center you select at the time you enroll.

Kaiser has over 30 centers in the DC, Maryland and Virginia region. Some centers serve as after-hours care centers, where participants with urgent medical problems may be seen when regular medical centers are closed. With the exception of life threatening emergency treatment, participants must receive care through Kaiser centers. Hospitalization coverage is included at area hospitals associated with Kaiser.

Cost for medical coverage

American University contributes 80% towards individual coverage and 65% for individual +1 and family coverage of the total cost of your medical premium. Your portion of the cost of the medical coverage is deducted from your pay on a pre-tax basis.

You can elect coverage for yourself, one other qualified adult in your household (spouse or domestic partner), and your dependent children.

Prescription drug coverage is included with your cost for medical coverage.

2023 Cost for Coverage

2023 Cost for medical coverage

Employee Monthly Cost Kaiser

Individuals earning less than $55K


Individual coverage


Individual + 1




Individuals earning $55K or more


Individual coverage


Individual + 1




2022 Cost for Coverage

2022 Cost for medical coverage

Employee Monthly Cost Kaiser

Individual under $40K


Individual over $40K


Individual + 1


Family $544.14

This chart provides an overview of Kaiser's plan options. Please refer to medical plan options summary & comparison charts or the plan documents for a more comprehensive listing of medical benefits.

  Kaiser Permanente

Choice of physician

Must select a primary care physician from the list of physicians at one of Kaiser Permanente's medical centers.

Annual deductible



$20 primary care

$40 specialty care

Does not apply to outpatient mental health and prescription benefits.

No copayment for preventive care office visits for adults and children over age 5.

No copayment for primary care physician office visits for children under age 5 (specialist copayments apply for children under age 5).

No copayment for women's preventive health services.



Maximum out-of-pocket expense

$3,500 individual

$9,400 family

Lifetime maximum


Claim forms

No claim forms to file.


Hospital certification arranged by the member through the plan.

Use the Kaiser treatment cost calculator to estimate your out-of-pocket costs for common exams, tests, and procedures before you come in for a visit.

Select the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. as your region then sign on to get a personalized estimate.

Kaiser's video visits allows you to get care without visiting the office. Video appointments are available with your primary care doctor, pediatrician, mental health provider and for urgent situations, an emergency medicine doctor. You just need to be a Kaiser Permanente member who’s registered on kp.org, and have a camera-equipped computer or mobile device.

Video visits are easy, secure, and part of your coordinated care. 

American University makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information that appears on the benefits site. However, if there are discrepancies between the information presented and the legal documents governing a plan or program (the "plan documents"), the plan documents will always govern. American University reserves the right to amend or terminate any benefit plan at its sole discretion at any time, for any reason.