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Human Resources is committed to facilitating opportunities to come together as a community to enrich personal experiences and workplace culture.

In an effort to further our commitment to Inclusive Excellence at AU, Human Resources has launched the affinity group program. Affinity groups, also known as employee resource groups, are a collection of people linked by a common purpose or interest. These common interests can include job functions, race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, education, geography, military status, etc.

If you're interested in starting an affinity group or would like more information please contact Shannon Telenko at

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Campus Communities

The Affinity Group program was launched in 2017 starting with the Black Faculty & Staff Affinity Group. Since that time, six additional affinity groups have formed, including the LGBTQ+, Latino and Hispanic, People of Color, International (AU Global), Disability+, and AANHPI Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups. 

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Throughout our history, inclusiveness and diversity have been hallmarks of American University.

Our academic, social, and organizational strength is enhanced by our inclusiveness and respect for the unique identity of individuals reflected in their cultural traditions, beliefs, and viewpoints.

American University embraces diversity in its broadest sense, including diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationality, disability, socioeconomic standing, and intellectual viewpoint.

The university views diversity as an essential component of the educational experience of our students and an important indicator of our success in adapting to the dramatic demographic shifts that will occur in the decades ahead.

We will dedicate the necessary resources to recruiting, welcoming, supporting, and retaining outstanding students, faculty, staff, and leadership who will significantly improve the diversity of our community, with particular attention to the inclusion of underrepresented domestic minority students.

We encourage all of our community to participate in the many activities and events designed to start conversations and help us find our similarities and understand our differences, including our diversity and inclusion courses.

Kay has been a "house of prayer for all people" and is home to more than two dozen religious communities. Kay has championed the idea of unity in diversity, seeking to help each community live out its own vibrant faith as our way of celebrating religious diversity rather than trying to water our religious expressions down into a lowest common denominator kind of experience. Kay is a home for students, faculty, and staff of any and all faiths. All of our communities of faith are open to visitors who are either looking for religious community or who are simply curious to learn something about different religious traditions. All of our services are open to all.

Our unique looking building-a round structure with a sixteen-foot impressionist flame on top- sits on the north side of the university's Eric Friedheim Quad directly opposite the library on the south end. These two structures comprise the intellectual and spiritual "poles" of American University, reflecting the institution's commitment to both intellectual and spiritual pursuits, to "knowledge and vital piety combined."

The mission of the Veterans Lounge is to provide a space for the AU military community to gather for camaraderie and mutual support toward achieving academic objectives.

Raising healthy and happy children can be as challenging as it is rewarding. This group brings together faculty and staff from across campus to share parenting experiences. Join the listserv today!

Community News & Events

Inclusive Excellence Year One

Inclusive Excellence: Year 2

AU's IE Plan guides efforts across our campus and community to build a culture where everyone feels included.

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A Conversation on White Fragility

This small group learning opportunity will provide a space for AU staff who self-identify as white to engage with each other over the course of the summer using Robin DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility, as the foundation for our conversation. 

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