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Workshops and Tours

The Library provides workshops on various Library resources throughout the Academic year. Visit our workshops page for more information.

The Library Academic Technology department offers a variety of Canvas trainings for faculty. You can register for them here.

Exploring Social Justice Series

The Exploring Social Justice Series, a program cosponsored by the American University Library, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Kay Spiritual Life Center, features exemplary leaders and scholars from diverse backgrounds who have advocated for human rights and social justice issues.

View recordings from our virtual lecture series:

  • Inspiring Radical Creativity: Empowering Young, Diverse Voices
    Presented by Gabby Rivera (Watch - AU Credentials Required)
  • Is Wildness Over?
    Presented By Paul Wapner (Watch)
  • The Long Arm of Slavery in the Development of American Gynecology
    Presented By Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens (Watch)
  • The Half-Life of Freedom, Race, and Justice in America Today
    Presented By Dr. Jelani Cobb (Watch - AU Credentials Required)
  • Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America
    Presented By Marcia Chatelain (Watch)
  • Understanding Justice Systems and Moving to a World Without Prisons
    Presented By Dr. Baz Dreisinger (Watch)
  • No Lone Wolves: The White Power Movement at War
    Presented By Kathleen Belew (Watch - AU Credentials Required)
  • Sex Work, Media Networks, and Transpacific Histories of Affect
    Presented By Lily Wong (Watch)
  • A Practice in Protest: The Work of Early Black Women Physicians
    Presented By Vanessa Northington Gamble, MD, PhD (Watch)

View all past Exploring Social Justice lectures.

Colloquium on Scholarly Communication

The Colloquium on Scholarly Communication features experts from both American University and the larger academic community presenting on challenges for academia in the twenty-first century.


Colloquium on Scholarly Communication Playlist

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