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Digital Scholarship

What is Digital Scholarship at AU?

Digital Scholarship is the application of modern digital technologies to advance or supplement the traditional process of scholarly exploration, discovery, and sharing. It refers to any scholarly activity that uses digital technologies to advance conventional methods of analysis, make certain kinds of research questions possible, and publish research in novel formats. These technologies can be applied to any stage of the research process to develop new methods for collaboration, visualization, analysis, and publication.


The American University Library will be a centralized and comprehensive source for the use of digital technologies in support of scholarship, where any researcher can easily find relevant information, community, and support.


The Library will lead scholarship at AU in new directions, encourage collaboration between disciplines, and support innovative research at AU by providing support, expertise, programming, and community related to Digital Scholarship and technologies.

Digital Scholarship Services

Thinking about starting a digital project? The Library has services to create multi-media projects, present research in digital or physical formats, manage your data, and use geospatial software alongside technical support.

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