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AU's Multicultural Community Welcome to American University!

We're so glad that you are interested in learning more about the multicultural community here at AU. Our world-class professors and our prime location here in the nation's capital offers students a myriad of opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. All of these qualities establish AU as a great place to keep learning and growing as an individual.

American University prides itself in being an inclusive environment for its multicultural and first-generation students. The Center sponsors many programs to promote campus-wide education on specific topics affecting individual communities, as well as cross-cultural forums that discuss broader issues. We also offer advising to students who want to learn more about how they can maximize their experience on campus.

On-Campus Student Organizations: AU ahas an active student body and over 250 student organizations, including the Black Student Alliance, the Latin and American Student Organization, Student Advocates for Native Communities, the Asian American Student Union, and many more! Check out the Center for Student Involvement website for more information.


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Multicultural Outreach


 Meet some of the students who have participated in multicultural outreach activities!