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Intergroup & Intragroup Dialogues

Intergroup & Intragroup Dialogues provide a unique learning opportunity for AU students to engage on a range of identity topics including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, class, sexuality, and faith. The Intergroup & Intragroup Dialogues are housed in the Center for Diversity & Inclusion and the dialogues gather people from multiple backgrounds and identities for sustained, ongoing dialogue for seven weeks for two hours per week. New topics are explored each semester. Please e-mail if there are questions.

Goals of Intergroup & Intragroup Dialogues

  • Engage across difference of perspective and identity
  • Foster intergroup & intragroup community through a diversity of identities
  • Explore personal experience and societal issues
  • Provide tools for navigating difference on and off campus

"There's a Dialogue for You!"


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Intergroup & Intragroup Dialogue Topics

Intergroup Dialogue topics change every semester, based on campus issues, student interest, pop culture, and local and global news.

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Unmasked: Masculinity & Cultural Norms

Wednesdays 6pm-8pmAdvisors: Stephon Bradberry & Calvin Haney

What is masculinity? What are masculine behaviors? What are cultural norms about masculinity? How does patriarchy influence the development of toxic masculinity? How do cultural norms influence perceptions of masculinity? Topics may include exploring the historical development of masculinity, societal perceptions of masculinity, familial influence on the development of masculinity, toxic masculinity, and the influence of masculinity on relationship building. This is an intragroup dialogue for males.

Race & Pop Culture

Thursdays 6pm-8pmAdvisors: Dr. Krisztina Domjan & Danielle Koon

How is race depicted in popular culture past and present? How is popular culture influenced by race? Topics may include examining cancel culture, the influence of race when determining the perceived importance of media and art forms in popular culture, race in the media, racial iconography, racial typecasting, and racism in the media and popular culture including black fishing and cultural appropriation. 

Lifting our Voices & Creating our Path

Tuesdays 6pm-8pmAdvisor: Dr. Shatina Williams

What are the societal expectations for black women? How does society support or disempower black women? What is the state of being for black women? How has the social identity of black women evolved over time? Topics may include discussing personal narratives, exploring the concept of empowerment for black women, conceptualizing the impact of the “strong black woman” and “angry black woman” narratives, and discussing self-care strategies. This is an intragroup dialogue for those who identify as black women.  

Reproductive Health, Justice, & Rights for All Dialogue

Mondays 6pm-8pmAdvisors: Dr. Martinique Free and Khouri Lassiter

What is reproductive health and how does it differ from reproductive justice? How does legislation influence reproductive health and justice? How do we affirm reproductive rights for all? Topics may include exploring the past and potential futuristic impact of legislation such as Roe v. Wade and Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on reproductive health & justice, the impact of socioeconomic status on reproductive health, and the impact of racial identity on reproductive health.

Latinx & Hispanic Affinity Space

Thursdays 6pm-8pmAdvisors: Dr. Sofia M. Vega Ormeno and Camila Ozores Silva

How does society support or suppress the experiences of Latinx & Hispanic individuals? Topics may include discussing experiences attending a PWI as well as Latinx & Hispanic history, culture, language, machismo, and the impact of cultural hegemony. This is an intragroup dialogue for those who identify as Latinx & Hispanic.

Ways to Engage


Gain skills facilitating identity-based Intergroup & Intragroup Dialogues. This seven-week program allows students to meet for two hours each week to explore societal issues, engage across difference, and gain tools for navigating difference on and off campus. Student Dialogue Facilitator positions are paid $16.10/hour for 5-10 hours worked per week.

Please note the Spring 2023 Intergroup Student Dialogue Facilitator applications have closed.


Please apply at

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Faculty Involvement

Faculty can support Intergroup and & Intragroup Dialogues by:

  • Promoting participant and facilitator applications to your students.
  • Offering course credit for your students' participation in Intergroup Dialogue.
  • Serving as an Intergroup or Intragroup Dialogue faculty and staff advisor. Advisors meet with the student dialogue facilitators weekly (virtually and/or in-person) during the seven-week program to help them process and plan their sessions.

E-mail to be added to the Intergroup & Intragroup Dialogue faculty supporter list to receive information about any of the above.

Intergroup Dialogue Facts

61 percent of recent dialogue registrants were first-year undergraduate students

62 percent of dialogue participants earned academic credit for their engagement

275 students per year have registered for an Intergroup Dialogue