Community Partners Offices that work with the Well-Being Center

Student Health Center

Medication management, psychiatric assessment and consultation are some of the reasons students may seek an appointment with a psychiatrist. You do not need a referral from the Center for Well-Being to seek services at the Student Health Center or for an off-campus provider.

Costs: There are fees associated with psychiatric services at the Student Health Center. The fee schedule has been designed to keep costs to students as low as possible. For more information, please contact the Student Health Center at 202-885-3380, or view the health center website.

In many cases, insurance helps cover the cost of psychiatric services. Students with American University's health insurance who choose to use their insurance to see an off-campus provider do not need to obtain a referral or paperwork from the Center for Well-Being. However, if you would like assistance with finding a provider in the community, you are welcome to speak with a provider at the Center for Well-Being.

More information can be found on our pages on referrals and insurance.

Academic Support and Access Center

Students Seeking Accommodations 

Students with learning disabilities and ADHD who are interested in obtaining academic assistance (e.g., classroom accommodations for a disability, specialized academic support, writing help or tutor referrals, etc.), should contact the Academic Support and Access Center at 202-885-3360 or stop by MGC 243 to schedule an appointment with an academic counselor. More information about their services is available at