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Definition of Visitors 

Visitors and guests are individuals who are not full-time or part-time faculty, staff, or students. This includes guest speakers, guests of student organizations, visiting family members and friends, visiting alumni, event attendees, and individuals using campus facilities and spaces.

Current Restrictions

University residence halls are closed to visitors. Only members of the AU community with AU IDs may enter residence halls.

Visitor Policies

Vaccination. All guests and visitors to American University, including the AU campus, University owned/managed properties, or at an AU-sponsored event held off-campus, must be fully vaccinated.

Visitors must be prepared to present their vaccination record card or a digital copy upon arrival on the AU campus, at university owned/managed properties, or at AU sponsored events held off-campus.   

Boosters are strongly recommended.

Responsibilities of AU hosts. AU hosts must be present throughout the event, meeting, or class and must communicate vaccination requirements to visitors.

Responsibilities of visitors. All guests/visitors will follow applicable university health and safety guidelines and abide by any additional measures outlined by the event coordinator/host and all posted signage.  

Guests/Visitors must check for COVID-19 symptoms prior to coming to the AU campus, a university owned/managed property, or an AU sponsored event held off-campus and not come to event if experiencing symptoms.  

Visitors who are unvaccinated because of medical or religious reasons must obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours prior to the event, meeting, or class. Unvaccinated visitors must be prepared to present a copy of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result upon arrival on the AU campus, a university-owned/managed building, or at an AU-sponsored event off campus.

All visitors, both formal and informal, must follow AU's health and safety protocols. 

Events & Space Reservations

AU will continue with full-capacity attendance for events in Bender Arena and our performing arts spaces, with masks optional for most events. The university reserves the right to designate any location or activity as requiring face masks under certain circumstances or as conditions change.

All external visitors must continue to comply with our vaccine requirements. For off-campus events, we will follow the COVID guidelines for the jurisdiction where the event is taking place. 

Additional guidelines for catered events and/or events with external guests can be found in the Fall 2022 Events and Space Reservation Guidelines.

Space Reservations

Requests must be submitted through the EMB WebApp. Please see the Events and Space Reservation Guidelines for details.


Priority for in-person meetings will be given to academic research, student-related programs, alumni events, and admissions programming.

Regular faculty/staff business meetings are encouraged to continue online to preserve campus space for student-focused activities.

Recognized student organizations will work with the Center for Student Involvement.

Contact Information

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