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COVID-19 Testing at AU

AU will will continue PCR Testing from on-campus COVID Test vending machines through Friday, May 26th 3:00pm. If you have tested positive within the last 90 days, do not use a PCR test; use an antigen ("rapid") test.

Beginning Thursday, June 1st the on-campus COVID Test vending machines will transition to dispensing free Rapid Tests.

PCR Vending Machine Locations

  • Mary Graydon Center (main campus): Two machines are located by the MGC east entrance (doors from the walkway between MGC and Battelle when facing MGC from quad)
  • Washington College of Law: Machine is located in the Warren Building, near the student lounge outside of Pence Law Library 
  • 4401 Connecticut: P1 Level - Elevator Lobby

Using the Vending Machine 

You must have a smart phone to obtain a test kit from a vending machine.

  1. Scan the Portal Login QR Code on vending machine. This opens the Online Portal on your phone.
  2. Allow portal to access your phone camera. 
  3. Log in using your AU username and password and select Get a Shield T3 COVID-19 Test.
  4. Scan Dispense QR Code on vending machine to obtain kit.

Using the Test Kit

Go to a private location where you feel comfortable to collect the saliva sample.

  1. Remember: You cannot eat, drink, smoke, chew gum, floss, brush your teeth, or use mouthwash for one hour before testing.
  2. Follow instructions in test kit to provide saliva sample. There is also a how-to video linked in the instructions.

Register the Test Kit before dropping test sample in dropbox!

3. Go to the portal on your phone and select COVID Test Self Collect Activation

4. Click continue to enter the specimen number (under the bar code on your test) and the test kit number (also under the bar code).

5. Select submit. Now your test is registered and you can drop it off.

6. Drop the test into the dropbox near the vending machine.

Receiving the Results

You will receive notification of your results within 24 hours by text and/or email if you submitted your test before 3pm.  Tests submitted after 3pm will be processed the evening of the next business day.

Antigen ("Rapid") Tests

Use a self-administered antigen test if you have tested positive with COVID within the past 90 days. (This is because a PCR test, which is more sensitive, could pick up dead viruses - meaning you could test positive for up to 90 days even after recovery.)

An antigen test, also called a "rapid" or "at-home" test, takes 15 minutes to perform. They are widely available for purchase at pharmacies and other locations. 

How to Get & Use a Vending Machine Test

This video shows you how to get a test kit from a campus vending machine, collect the sample, submit it, and receive results. 

COVID 19 Guide