Open Room Change

Housing & Residence Life offers students the opportunity to request a room change beginning the third week of each semester. Students can request a change to a specific building, a specific room, or a request to swap rooms with another student. 

Room Change Steps

  1. Apply for a room change in the AU Housing Portal between noon on Monday, January 30th, and noon on April 10th, 2023.  Room changes are reviewed in the order they are received and based on space availability. On the application, you can apply for:
    1. Request An Open Space: You can request to move to any open space in a specific residence hall. You can later change your requested hall.
    2. Open Space In My Friend's Room: You can request to move into a specific open space in a friend's room.
    3. Room Switch: You and another student can request to switch spaces with each other. Both students switching spaces must submit a request.
  2. The Housing Assignment staff will email applicants on set Tuesdays (see dates below) to share if their request can be met this week.
    1. If your request can be completed this week you will be given the contact information for your new roommate and they will be notified you are moving in that weekend (see dates below). Students who are approved for room change will be given until Thursday at noon to accept or decline the room change on the Housing Portal. If no action is taken by the student by Thursday noon, the room change will be canceled and the student will be able to reapply in the following weeks. 
    2. If a request can not be completed for the given week you will be notified of the reason and your application will be reviewed again the next Tuesday.
  3. When approved, you will move from your current space to your new space between Friday and Sunday (see dates below). Housing will share specific instructions on how to complete your move.
Move in dates for room changes
Notification Dates Move Dates
Tuesday, 1/31 Friday, 2/3 - Sunday, 2/5
Tuesday, 2/7 Friday, 2/10 - Sunday, 2/12
Tuesday, 2/14 Friday, 2/17 - Sunday, 2/19
Tuesday, 2/21 Friday, 2/24 - Sunday, 2/26
Tuesday, 2/28 Friday, 3/3 - Sunday, 3/5
Tuesday, 3/7 Friday, 3/10- Sunday, 3/12
Tuesday, 4/4 Friday, 4/7- Sunday, 4/9
Tuesday, 4/11 Friday, 4/14 - Sunday, 4/16
No room changes processed between 03/13 - 03/31*
*AU Spring Break and Reapplication Selection Process


Frequently Asked Questions

Students with a vacancy may receive a roommate at any time. Students assigned a new roommate will be notified minimally 24 hours before to the student moves in to the room.

Your friend can complete a room change request and indicate your specific room on the application.

Yes, LLC and BAH students may apply for a room change within the rooms available to your community.

No, students will only be charged the room rate for the room-type of their room. Housing charges do not change when a vacancy exists in a room.

Open spaces can be assigned to a new resident at any time. Both during a room change process and outside of room change times as needed. Housing & Residence Life will work to notify students of a new roommate assignment minimally 24 hours in advance of the student moving in.

You and the student you want to switch spaces with should each apply for a room change. You will each share the name, AUID number, and current room assignment of the student you want to switch spaces with.

Your billing will be prorated within 3-5 business days to reflect the cost difference for each room and the dates you were in each room. This will cause either an increase or decrease in housing costs.

For example, if you move from a traditional double to a suite double, you will see two housing charges on your AU account. One charge will reflect the prorated cost for the traditional double, and the second charge will be for the remainder of the semester in the suite double.

Single rooms in shared apartments are only available to upper-class students in Nebraska Apartments. Single rooms are not available to first-year and sophomore students.