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Employment Search Values

Undergoing an employment search can be a stressful and exciting opportunity. In keeping with our commitment to providing well-run professional search processes, we have crafted a series of "employment search values" that we strive to uphold in all of our recruitment and selection processes. We hope that this information reflects who we are and what we believe.

Learn more about Housing & Residence Life. Professional staff candidates and graduate students should visit American University's employment opportunities page. All of our student staff positions are open to graduate students with the exception of Resident Assistant position.


A search process is an opportunity for an employer to evaluate a candidate and for a candidate to evaluate a potential employer. All employment candidates deserve to be evaluated as fairly and objectively as possible. In our searches, we endeavor to evaluate candidates on the basis of their applications and interview performance. We believe in representing ourselves and our organization with candor and strive to deliver clear and complete information candidates need to make their decisions.


We affirm the importance of diversity as an important educational and innovative resource in our workforce. To this end, we strive to create search committees and assemble candidate pools that reflect varied viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences. The Office of Campus Life and Housing & Residence Life foster an inclusive, welcoming, collaborative work environment and is committed to the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce.


Conducting an employment search can often involve many complex, overlapping timelines and deadlines. We strive to be efficient during the job search process to ensure that candidates can make decisions in an adequate timeframe and a timely manner.


We believe that candidates should be provided with information to understand our search process, timelines, and procedures. We commit to running a search where information is shared clearly and candidates can adequately understand their place in the process.


We believe in acting in an ethical manner in accordance with the nationally recognized ethics statements in student affairs.

Learning Opportunities

Housing & Residence Life has a commitment to helping all candidates better themselves and to helping them understand how we arrive at our hiring decisions. When requested, we endeavor to provide candidates with feedback about their candidacy and interview performance.