Spring Move-In

Welcome or welcome back to new and returning American University residents! We're happy to have you all back on campus for the 2023 Spring Semester!

All spring residents much check-in using the  AU Housing Portal. This will signify that you have arrived on campus. All new students will also need to complete a RIF (Room Inspection Form) through the housing portal.   

Additional information is provided below:

Please also review:

  • Mail Services to confirm when mail and packages can be recieved on-campus.
  • Full Meal Plans (Meal Swipes and EagleBucks) activated by Jan. 15th by 7:00 AM.
  • If you'd like to upgrade your space with a microfridge or bed loft please:
    • Order your microfridge by December 31st, 2022 here.
    • Order your bed loft via your AU housing portal.

When you arrive on campus:

  • Residents returning to the same space for spring 2023 can proceed directly to their space when they arrive on-campus starting January 12, 2023.
  • Complete Self Check-In through the AU Housing Portal or scan the QR Code at the desk to acces the check-in process.
  • If you need a new AU One Card to access your room, please contact the One Card office to receive a new card.
  • New Residents for spring 2023 can proceed directly to their space when they arrive on-campus starting January 12, 2023 if they already have their AU ID.
    • If you need an AU One Card to access your room, please visit the OneCard office to receive a new card. If it is after hours a temporary room access card will be provided at check-in.

Before You Arrive

  1. Know where and with whom you're living.
    • You can find your room assignment and roommate contact information on your AU Housing Portal. We highly encourage communication between you and your roomate prior to moving in together. Being able to talk about similarities and differences early on makes a huge impact on living together. It is also a good idea to coordinate what the two of you will bring to your new space so there are no dupilcates in items and you can effectively maximize your space.
  2. Take care of outstanding needs, such as submitting your One Card photo and personalizing your space.
    • New students should visit the One Card & Dining Services webpage for information on uploading a One Card photo before the start of the semester and to learn how to pick-up their One Card before checking into their residence hall.
    • Many students utilize our various vendor partnerships to personalize their living experience with bed loft, MicroFridge, and lockbox rentals.
  3. Create a packing list and get to know what items you can't bring into your building and room.
    • Students live in a variety of residence styles around campus. Each residence hall room measures approximately 12 by 15 feet and is equipped with built-in closets or wardrobes, storage cabinets, beds, desks and chairs, and bookcases. 
    • Certain items are restricted in your room but can be used in your lounge space, while others are completely prohibited from your hall. Know what items you can or can't bring before you travel to campus.
    • Before you start shipping textbooks and other belongings to your room, check the Mail Services to make sure you have the right mailing address and date mail and packages can arrive to campus.

When you arrive use the QR code at the front desk to check-in to your housing assingment and proceed to your room. 

Students changing their housing assignment for the 2023 Spring semester must complete the Self Check Out in the AU Housing Portal, pack all their belongings before leaving for break, and LEAVE THEM IN THE ROOM. They will be allowed back on campus two days early, January 10th, to move their items in an unassisted move to their new assignment. 

Steps to Move Out and complete the check out process:

  • At fall closing, pack and leave your items in your fall space before departing for break.
    • This includes cleaning your room and returning all furniture to it's move-in condition. It should be left in the same condition present when you moved in.
  • At spring opening, you will move from your fall space to your new spring space no later than January 10, 2023.
    • Complete Self Check Out and then Self Check In through the AU Housing Portal. Not completing this step may result in additional charges.
    • Return your mail key and any items you have checked out to the desk.
    • HRL staff will complete a Room Inventory Inspection (RIF) for you after you complete your check out. 

Students returning to the same room for the spring:

  • The current guest policy will be in effect throughout spring opening and the spring semester. Residents will be allowed to have guests in halls to assist with move in as long as they are in adhereance to the university's check-in process. The full guest policy can be reviewed on the Policies & Procedures webpage
  • Carts will be available in the lobbies during opening. Based on high the likely high demand, we encourage packing as if a cart will not be available.

Additional Information

If you are no longer participating in a Study Abroad, HRL will work with you to recieve a housing assignment. Space is limited during this time and it is not likely students will receive their same fall assignment during the spring semester. Please complete a spring housing application in the AU Housing portal and send an email to housing@american.edu to begin the process.

HRL does not have temporary housing available to study abroad students who will travel abroad in late January or February.

  • The front desks in Anderson Hall, Leonard Hall, Nebraska Hall, and Federal Hall will be open from January 9th, 2023, for students approved for early move-in.
  • All the desks will open at 9 am on January 12th, 2023. 

Important Dates

January 10: Early arrivals are allowed backto campus 

January 10: Winter Break residents transition to Spring 2023 housing assingment between 9 am - 12 noon

January 12: Residence halls open for new and returning spring semester at 10 a.m.

January 15: Full Meal Plans (Meal Swipes and EagleBucks) activated by 7:00 am

January 17: Spring classes begin.