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Apply to be an Orientation Leader

Orientation Group Leaders

The office of New Student and Family Programs is seeking dedicated undergraduate leaders to serve as Orientation Leaders for the 2022 Orientation program. 

In this position, students are responsible for welcoming and supporting the incoming first-year students, transfer students and their families. The Orientation Team is responsible for leading a variety of sessions and activities within the Orientation program and Welcome Week.

As an Orientation Leader, you will have the opportunity to make an impact and impression on the incoming first-year and transfer students.

Roles and Responsibilities

Here is a list of specific roles and responsibilities of the Orientation Leader position:

  • Drop-in Assistance Hours
    • Orientation Leaders will help incoming students learn how to navigate Eagle Service during the registration process.
    • At various points in the summer, the OLs will hold individual one on one meetings with each of their students to provide continued support and guidance. 
  • Small Group Meetings  
    • Each OL will be assigned a group of first-year students and will be responsible for leading the small group meetings throughout the summer. These sessions will cover essential information about AU as well as community building and diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  • Welcome Week
    • Orientation Leaders will participate in various move-in and welcome events at the beginning of the academic year, including but not limited to move-in, Eagle Summits, and Convocation Administrative Responsibilities 
    • Orientation Leaders will communicate via email, text, and other social media outlets with their assigned group of incoming students. Attendance tracking and reporting is also a responsibility of this job.   
  • Orientation Training 
    • OLs are required to attend all training sessions. Training sessions will begin in the early summer and continue throughout the summer.   
  • Other duties as assigned.  
    • As this orientation program is evolving, other responsibilities of this position may be determined at a later point. There will also be the opportunity for OLs to work with transfer students and families of incoming students.   

Time Commitment/Compensation  

As a condition of employment, all Orientation Staff must be available for all required dates and programs.


Orientation Leader training will begin in late May. OL Training will take place via zoom. Date and time TBD-training will occur during regular business hours (9am-5pm EST).


  • Engagement with new students and families will likely begin in late May through various platforms including the Engage app.
  • Live, online Orientation programming will begin the week of June 13th. OLs can expect to provide live on-demand assistance between June 13 – June 30 with a focus on helping students use Eagle Service for course registration and to complete their fall housing process. OLs will assist with, and lead, live group sessions (webinar and zoom) from July 1 through August 19 to help introduce students to AU’s resources, culture and to each other. OLs will have some flexibility in scheduling.

* OLs are expected to work shifts for key programs during Welcome weeks including:

** August 25 and 26: Eagle Summit sessions

** August 26 Convocation (morning)

** August 27 Playfair (morning)

OLs should anticipate working approximately 8 -10 hours per week from late May- early August. Included in this 8 -10 hours per week is engagement with the students, administrative tasks, and staff meetings/training. You can expect that we will offer additional, optional hours throughout the summer and Welcome Week to meet our scheduled needs.

**NEW** Students can hold other part-time positions outside of orientation during the summer. The Orientation Leader position will require some availability during business hours. 

  • Earn $15.20 per hour for training and hours through June 30, 2022. The hourly rate increases to $16.10 per hour starting July 1, 2022.
    • *Earnings are taxable. Wages earned may impact your financial aid; please check with your financial aid officer prior to applying for the position.

Required Qualifications  

To be an Orientation Leader, you must meet and follow the requirements below:  

  • Must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at American University
  • Always represent American University well, including any off-campus behaviors and social media presences 
  • Must be in good judicial and academic standing with the university 
  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 
  • Must be available for all trainings, all required online sessions, and select Welcome Week programs.
  • Have access to reliable internet and a web camera for video conferencing 
  • Have a desire to welcome new students and their family to campus, while serving as a resource 
  • Work well with others and communicate effectively 
  • Demonstrate patience, flexibility, strong organizational skills, and a willingness to learn 
  • Possess a strong sense of responsibility to manage multiple tasks with little supervision 
  • Display public relation skills and maturity of judgment 
  • Must exhibit cultural competency and knowledge in topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Be prepared and willing to lead and facilitate conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion and other social issues
  • Be willing to accept a challenge and step out of your comfort zone  

Application Process 

Orientation Leader Application Link:

All parts of the application must be completed and submitted by May 12th at 11:59pm. The application is considered complete once you submit all the following documents:

One of your references must be a faculty/staff/administrator from American University.

Included in your online application, you will be asked to submit the following:  

Essay Questions: You will be asked to answer 2 prompts in the online application. The recommended word count is between 200-300 words each. We encourage you to prepare your responses in a Word document and copy/paste answers into the online application when ready. Here are the two essay questions:

  1. The Orientation team works with three distinct populations: first-year students, transfer students, and families. During orientation, what do you anticipate are similar needs across all populations? What needs do you think are different or unique for each population and why?
  2. Tell us about a challenge you have faced in your time in college. How would you convey what you have learned from that experience to the students and/or families participating in orientation?

After the application deadline, applicants who meet the required qualifications will be invited to sign up for an individual interview.   

This will be a short Q&A style interview with a panel of New Student and Family Programs) staff and other campus partners that work directly with the orientation program. Individual interviews will last for approximately 30min. Interviews will be held over zoom.  

An email notification will be sent to the applicants regarding whether you have been selected! There will also be a deadline to accept the position. Once all applicants have accepted the offer, we will notify the broader campus of the new Orientation team.

  • For more questions about the Orientation Leader position or the application process, please contact The Office of Orientation, Transition & Retention at