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Experiential Learning

Welcome to AU SOC Experiential Learning. In collaboration with the AU Career Center and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, the School of Communication (SOC) connects current students and recent graduates with AU alumni, parents and professionals working in the field of communication. We offer site visits, panel discussions, workshops, networking events, interviews, meetings and productions leading to meaningful relationships and successful careers.

The globe is our laboratory. SOC faculty are leaders in the communication industry, uniquely positioned to engage and empower students, and our alumni are dedicated and engaged.

We are committed to helping every SOC storyteller access our life-changing programs, no matter their circumstances. Together, we can remove economic barriers so that every qualified SOC student has a full and enriching SOC experience. Help ensure all students have access to out of the classroom opportunities.

Career Development

  • L.A. Career Intensive - A week-long adventure connecting SOC students to industry professionals and networking opportunities in LA. View L.A. Career Intensive
  • NYC Career Intensive Students explore career paths and industry trends while getting exclusive access to AU alumni living and working in New York City. View NYC Career Intensive
  • Internships - Explore the wide world of internship experiences and opportunities to earn credits. View Internships for Credit
  • Dean's Internships - Combine classroom learning with real-world application and get academic credit. View Dean's Internships

Production Practicum with National Park Service - This course houses students who, through the Center For Environmental Filmmaking, have the opportunity to pursue fellowships with different branches of the National Park Service. Students make short science and science-history videos with different branches of the National Park Service, from the White House Visitor's Center, Urban Ecology, Science History, and Harper's Ferry Interpretative Center. Student produce, shoot and edit these videos, which are shown on NPS websites and, at times, in park Visitor Centers. View Information

SOC Mentorship - Our alumni mentoring program bridges the gap between the classroom and the professional world as you prepare for your future career. View Alumni Mentorship

Learning on Location

  • Study Abroad - Make the world your classroom. Study in London, Italy, Denmark and more! Discover AU Abraod Programs
  • Film Production in Prague - Master the process of filmmaking at the the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. View AU Abraod in Prague

Classroom in the Wild - A week-long intensive introducing students to the challenges and fun of environmental filmmaking. View Classrom in the Wild

Course-Based Opportunities

Students head into the field for an immersive experience covering a campaign (whether a midtem, presidential primary, etc). Students attend campaign events, file stories, interview voters, produce orginal final projects. View Course Information

Digital Imaging - Students will learn many of the extra features of this ever evolving software we call Photoshop. We will dive into AI image creation and manipulation and produce a set of visuals from raster images (which we will vectorize a few times) to complex psds (Adobe native files). At the end of the semester you will have a body of work that will showcase your knowledge and skill level of this program. View Course Information

Environmental Filmmaking for Public TV - This class has a special relationship with a major PBS station, Maryland Public Television (MPT). The class produces a half-hour program which is broadcast on MPT at prime time. View Course Information

Musical Cultures and Industries - This course looks at the invisible power of music over lives, exploring how music can influence how people feel, what they think and how they think. It also addresses the role of music as a major communicative form in human history. Students in this course participated in a Humanities Truck grant project, using the truck as a mobile recording studio, traveling to musicians' homes and places of business to capture oral histories and help them record their music. View Course Information

SOC3 - Using a design-thinking approach, students in this calss will work with an actual client to devise innovative solutions to complex problems and opportunities through strategic storytelling. View SOC3 

Visual Literacy- Assignments vary from creating a stunning photographic essay, to designing a compelling self-branding package that includes your logo and resume, to a short film production for a movie trailer for which you will also produce a poster. Students will be taught the principles and basic techniques of photography, design and film and you will utilize those in your creative course. Students will also be taught the basics of Adobe Photoshop. View Course Information